Sudbury Soft Washing

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  • Specialty cleaning for vinyl siding & sensitive surfaces
  • Can reach up to 5 stories from the ground
  • Non-abrasive
  • Machine fed Eco-foam
  • Before after photos

Not all natural disasters involve shaking earth, loud noises or obvious signs. The thing about nature is that it sneaks up on you when you least except it. It is this sneaky side that keeps property owners at odds with unwanted discolouration and growth. When you are having a difficult time keeping up with the rate of growth, just call a Gorilla. Our Sudbury soft washing services can keep your property looking great, no matter what type of stain you area dealing with. Every Gorilla believes that owners should be able to take pride in their properties, and we want to help get you there.

What Does A Sudbury Soft Washing Do?

As staining and discolouration build up around surfaces, they begin to ruin the look of your property. Calling in a professional service to treat the outside of your home gets rid of visible issues along with any bacteria. While mildew, algae, and moss begin to take over properties in damp climates, manmade stains are not to be ignored. Your Sudbury soft washing service can be made to fit the needs of your space. Depending on the type of stain that you are dealing with, both chemical and non-chemical treatments and disinfectants can be applied to your property. In addition to eliminating bacteria from around surfaces, soft washing gets rid of unsightly stains from even the toughest to reach spots. By cleaning out the pores and cracks around construction materials, walls and outer spaces are left looking cleaner for longer. Looks are important to a property, but they aren’t everything. Removing ground-in, foreign materials can actually improve the condition of materials and prolong the lifespan of your space.

Going With A Gorilla

There are plenty of property maintenance services around the Sudbury area, but there is a reason that Gorilla stands out. Expert results are key to building a name for any company but so is customer service. Each and every one of our Gorillas is local to your area and committed to helping our neighbours and community. When you choose a Gorilla for your Sudbury soft washing, you are getting prompt service, professional results and competitive pricing.

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