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In the world of property maintenance, the higher the target, the greater the risk. This risk is what keeps roofs from getting the attention that they deserve. The roof of your home or workspace is all that stands between you and frigid temperatures, rain fall and the elements. For as important as these features are, they are often neglected and left to collect clutter, along with invasive plants and moss growth. Instead of letting this vital structure rot away, call a Gorilla for your Salmon Arm roof cleaning and moss removal.

What Makes Clutter So Dangerous?

It is possible for clutter to accumulate at any time of the year but it is most common throughout spring and fall months. Rain and wind storms shake organic debris loose from surrounding trees, littering yards and rooftops. It is easy to catch glimpses of these items from ground level but reaching them can be extremely difficult. Cluttered rooftops might look unappealing but the trouble with debris is more than aesthetic. Sitting organics hold onto moisture, creating a dangerous environment for shingles, decking and other construction materials. Damp conditions and organic debris also pave the way for moss to grow and spread.

Moss might appear to be soft, spongey and harmless but this growth is trouble for construction materials. This growth weaves itself under and around shingles, creating avenues for water to sneak inside. The presence of water against wooden materials wears away at structural integrity, leading to leaks, mold, water damage, flooding and even pest infestations. Worst-case scenarios can sneak up out of nowhere, so it is better to get ahead of the issue. Routine maintenance can prevent growth and the potential for damage. Luckily for owners in the Salmon Arm area, our Gorillas area available for single-service call outs or regularly scheduled maintenance.

Going Gorilla

One of the key selling features of choosing Gorilla Property Services is the years of experience behind the brand. An experienced technician can identify problem areas around your roof structure, and address them accordingly. Proper safety features are always in use and our maintenance experts are fully insured for any unforeseen damage to both persons or properties. Specialized equipment and a trained eye are part of what sets our experts apart. Moss, for example, cannot be scraped away with a wire brush without causing extensive damage. A Gorilla knows how to treat softened materials without unnecessary damage to the structural integrity of your roof. When you are ready for the best results, trust the local services at Gorilla to clean clutter and treat your roof right.

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