Peachland Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

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Unfortunately, due to our changeable climate, moss growth on the roof of your property is unavoidable.  Moss thrives under certain conditions, all of which are present here.  Peachland’s location tucked away on the mountainside, amidst the Ponderosa pines, provides the perfect moist, shady climate.  Moss grows well on hard surfaces meaning your roof is ideal.  There is also a right and a wrong way to clean your roof without causing additional damage.  That’s why it’s best to call in the professionals when it comes to Peachland Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal.  For example, your automatic assumption may be to pressure wash, or scrape the moss off your roof.  Both of which can dramatically reduce its life expectancy, particularly when dealing with asphalt shingles.  High pressure washing can remove the protective coating.  Spraying at an upward angle gives water access underneath the shingles which can leak into the property or rot the wood decking.  Scraping can rip, crack and break the roofing materials.

Another option is acidic cleaners.  However, get the ratio wrong and the moss won’t be the only material stripped from your roof.  Ultimately, incorrect maintenance can be just as detrimental as no maintenance at all.  Add to that the risk of falling off the roof and you’ve got a heap of reasons to consider Gorilla Property Services’ Peachland Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal.

You may be wondering why moss on the roof of your property is such a bad thing.  It’s an extra protective layer, right?  Wrong!  As long as there is moisture and shade, moss will continue to grow, thicken and retain water eventually causing damage and leaks.  In the case of asphalt shingling, moss can get underneath and jack the shingles up which leads to all sorts of problems.  Essentially, poor or no upkeep has been known to reduce a roof’s life expectancy by up to 40%.  Considering how much a new roof costs, it’s easy to see which option is best.

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