North Bay Dryer Vent Cleaning

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  • Remove Duct from dryer
  • Clean Dryer Vent duct from Interior/Exterior using Forced Air/Gorilla Blasting Ball
  • Removing 99% of lint and debris
  • Clean caps and areas

Whether at home or in a commercial environment, clothes dryers are supposed to make your life easier. These everyday appliances can help you keep your work or living space clean but how often do you think about cleaning them? It is important to clean your dryer vent regularly to improve output, reduce the risk of dryer fires and improve indoor air quality — yes, your dryer ducts can do all that! When you want the best results for residential and commercial clothes dryers, call a local Gorilla for your North Bay dryer vent cleaning service.

If your clothes dryer is struggling or it has just been a while since your vents and ducting were properly cleaned, make the choice to call a local Gorilla to have your appliances cleaned and running like new again.

Getting to Know Your Appliances: What Makes Dryer Duct Cleaning So Important?

Every dryer features a lint trap that is designed to catch and hold small bits of lint, paper, hair and other unwanted items. These mesh screens can hold a high volume of bits and pieces but they can’t catch everything. With each load of laundry that goes through your dryer, there is debris that sneaks passed screens and makes its way into ducts. Damp items will stick to sides and layer over themselves, creating nasty (and dangerous) clogs!

If clogs are left unchecked they will only get worse over time, impacting air flow. Clogged dryer vents will impact drying time and can mean needing to run machines multiples times to fully dry a load. This makes your appliances work harder, shortens their lifespan and drives up energy bills.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, clogged vents are actually a health and safety risk. As air circulates through the ducts, it will carry allergens and bacteria from inside the vents, back into your laundry room. This is bad news at the best of times but it is even worse for small children, seniors or anyone with allergies or respiratory issues. Lint is also extremely flammable. In the case of a blocked dryer vent, even a small spark can send the whole duct up in flames.

The average household in the North Bay Area might do several loads of laundry per week on the high end but for businesses, this number is much, much higher. In the case of a hotel, senior centre, apartment or condo building, dryers might be dealing with dozens of loads per day. This means lint and unwanted items pile up faster and they should be cleaned more frequently.

The Gorilla Guarantee: The Best Results For Your Dryer Vent Cleaning

Getting rid of built up lint and debris isn’t as simple as running your hand through the lint trap and removing whatever you find. If you are looking for efficient and thorough dryer duct cleaning, North Bay property owners are in luck because our Gorilla teams are ready to swing into action. Not only are our staff experts at duct cleaning, we provide top-notch customer service, affordable rates and the peace of mind that comes from fully insured staff and services.

Instead of settling for superficial results, our team of highly trained and experienced Gorilla technicians always go the extra mile for the best possible results. It is important to disconnect the dryer, pull it away from the wall and thorough clean attachments and exterior vents. For expert commercial dryer vent cleaning, North Bay business owners or property managers can book services on a regular basis, or as a one-time call out to best suit your schedule.

When you are ready to call in the experts, just dial a local Gorilla for efficient, timely and fully insured services!

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