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Clearing away snow is simple on paper but hard on your body! In a cold climate area like central Canada, snow removal and salting is a constant effort. Without the proper tools or technique, your London snow removal and salting can become a full-time job. If you do not have the time, manpower or tools to clear away your commercial or residential space, call a Gorilla. Put down the shovel and pick up the phone for your London snow removal and salting.

Treating Snow & Tackling Ice

Depending on the size and type of your property, you might need a certain type of tool or treatment method to get the job done properly. An area as large as a parking lot cannot be cleared using shovels alone. Even larger residential properties can feel impossible to treat by hand. As difficult as it might be, it does not stop the snow from falling and piling up around you. All it takes is skipping one day of shovelling to feel like you are being buried. This is why our Gorillas offer our London snow clearing and salting services on a routine and reactionary basis. For as much as snow can feel like a pain, ice is definitely worse! Ice can take your home or business from a welcoming environment to a literal slippery slope! Targeting problem areas for ice formation is key to salting success stories. Throwing a handful of salt or sand is not enough to keep you on your feet. Let our Gorillas take your property from impassable to inviting with our London snow removal and salting.

London Snow Removal & Salting: What To Expect From A Gorilla

When you choose Gorilla Property Services for your London snow clearing and salting, there are certain things that you can expect. The first of these is safe and effective methods. Our Gorillas assess properties in order to figure out which tools will work for you. Multi-unit properties benefit from snowblowers while ploughs are necessary to clear away larger areas such as parking lots. Our London snow clearing and salting can be performed day or night, so there is never a bad time to have a Gorilla swing into action.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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