Annacis Island Window Cleaning

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  • Reach up to 4 stories high from the ground
  • Water fed and/or by hand, using a squeegee
  • Frames and sills wiped clean
  • Before and after photos

British Columbia has some of the most beautiful views that Canada has to offer but that doesn’t do much good when you’ve got dirty windows. The condition of your interior and exterior glass plays a role in the quality of life around your home or workplace. Instead of staring through dingy panes or glancing through grime, create a maintenance program that works! Our Annacis Island window cleaning delivers a clearer picture through scheduled care programs or on a call-out basis.

Avoid Amateur Window Washing

Property owners have busy days, so it is only expected that some chores slip through the cracks. Putting off exterior window cleaning for a day, normally turns into two and then three until it snowballs out of control. Keeping on top of building maintenance is an everyday effort, but this isn’t possible for everyone and even when it is, they don’t always use the right methods. Grabbing a spray bottle and paper towels might help with water spots but this is only a surface fix.

Proper glass cleaning involves more than just scrubbing window panes. In order to reach surfaces, an exterior window screen has to be removed. This might seem like a small task but it can be tricky nonetheless, particularly at higher levels. Even when you do manage to pop off these protectors, there is then the matter of what to do with the glass itself. Hard wiping means friction, which means static cling. This charge can drag airborne dust and debris right back to surfaces. Don’t bother with bad results when there are experts in your area.

Gorilla-Grade Window Cleaning Services

Property maintenance is all the same – the process might be different but from gutter cleaning to pressure washing, paying attention to details is key. Instead of sticking to exterior spaces, our team of experts is committed to getting results inside and out. Regular cleaning services focus on outside spaces but an interior window is just as important. This is why our specialists have create a multi-step approach to properly care for your panes.

There are plenty of options for property maintenance in the Metro Vancouver area, but our Gorillas have ways of setting themselves apart from the competition. The right cleaning solution makes all the difference to properties. Instead of introducing harsh chemicals into your home or workplace, specialists use environmentally friendly window cleaners to reach that streak-free shine. Rubber tools, such as squeegees neutralize static, maintaining a clean look, over a longer period. Now, this method is all well and good at the ground level but what about those that are higher up?

Water-fed poles (or Tucker Poles) are the answer to all of your height restrictions. By using these state of the art tools, Gorillas can scrub panes, sills and frames up to four storeys. As much as you might worry about glass, window frames and sills are susceptible to damage. A bit of rot around these means feeling drafts and loosing heat. Cracks and openings not only have a negative effect on temperatures but can pave the way for pest infestations. From small insects to small rodents, no one wants unwanted visitors. Having an infestation in your home is bad enough but carpenter ants or mice in your workplace (especially in the food industry) can be a fatal flaw.

Instead of struggling with negative reviews or clouded views, have a fully insured, expertly trained Gorilla handle your window cleaning needs. ‘Before and after’ photos keep clients in the loop about their results, making sure that our experts always get the job done properly.

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