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Mississauga Property Services

Mississauga might be tough to spell, but it is an easy place to live in! With everything that this city has to offer, it is no wonder that more and more people are calling it home. Finding the best way to take care of your Mississauga property can involve a lot of trial and error – but it doesn’t have to. The reach of our Gorillas is always expanding and now, franchisee partner Umberto is calling the shots in the Mississauga area.

Umberto is one of many franchisee partners across Canada, that is committed to keeping clients happy and communities clean. This is a broad idea but our team of property experts can carry out services on your roof, yard and even on glass. Clearing debris from your roof or gutters requires technique and skill. When you are noticing build-up, moss growth or slow-draining water, it is time to call a Gorilla. Our window cleaning and gutter cleaning can keep your roof in good condition through semi-annual servicing. Treating your property from the top down involves windows as well. Instead of passing by panes, have Umberto and his team treat windows up to four storeys with our window cleaning service. During the summer and fall months, you can expect expert results for your Mississauga graffiti removal and pressure washing. When winter rolls around, you can count on our Gorillas for your Mississauga snow removal and salting services. No matter the time of year, our Gorillas can help give you peace of mind about your property.

Sudbury Property Services

With an ever-growing list of happy clients behind us, our Gorillas are more in-demand than ever. In order to keep up with this the needs of our clients, the team is always growing. If you are in the Sudbury area, the only name that you need to know for your property maintenance is Andres. Andres and his team of Gorillas are always at work, removing clutter, ditching ice and getting rid of staining around your property.

Staining can come in many forms but it is never appealing to look at. Natural staining can often be handled by a round of our Sudbury pressure washing but graffiti takes a bit more work. This paint can soak further into the façade of your property over time, which makes quick service so important. Our Gorillas make graffiti a priority, striving for same day removal as much as possible. These priorities extend to the other exterior surfaces all over your property, including windows and roofing. If you are noticing streaks on glass or clutter on roofs, call a Gorilla for your Sudbury window cleaning and roof cleaning and moss removal. When you need to keep roofing running smoothly, combine this service with our Sudbury gutter cleaning for well-rounded results. Whether it is rain, shine or snow, our Gorillas can help you maintain a clean and welcoming property.

Oakville Property Services

Taking care of your Oakville property just got easier! With a little help from Gorilla franchisee partner, Damian, your home or workplace can be looking its best in no time. As much as you might try to prevent staining and damage from happening, there is just no fighting nature. Making our property services a part of your maintenance routine, you are committing to extending the lifespan of delicate materials such as glass and roofing. Our Oakville window cleaning and Oakville roof cleaning and moss removal can prevent unnecessary wear and tear around your home or commercial space. Even something as ordinary as an Oakville gutter cleaning can prevent water damage and leaks. While maintaining structural integrity is the main objective, property owners want their space to look great as well. Simple services like your Oakville graffiti removal or Oakville pressure washing can leave your property looking great with prompt and professional service. As fun as outdoor chores might be during summer months, you can’t forget the always impending winter! An Oakville snow clearing and salting can prevent your home or commercial space from being completely buried.

Niagara Falls Property Services

Purchasing property in the Niagara region is an investment but it is also a commitment. Proper building maintenance takes time, energy, tools and know-how, which not everyone has. Instead of letting residential and commercial properties in your area fall to pieces, let our Gorillas keep your space in great shape. Our team of highly-trained Gorillas have all the tips, tricks and treatments to make your Niagara Falls property maintenance a breeze.

Working With the Elements

Niagara Falls is known for a lot of things and moisture is one. Whether it is at the falls, falling from the sky or sitting in the air, a damp climate is bad for structures in your area. Heavy rain and wind dislodge debris from trees, encourage mud around homes while dampness means invasive growth. Moss, algae, mold, mildew and rot are all dangerous to construction materials. From the ground level, up to your roofing, property management is tough! Don’t let weather get the best of you when you can call a Gorilla instead.

Cleaning services don’t stop indoors. When it comes to roofing and gutters, cleaning often falls by the wayside. Skipping out on chores like these can mean leaks, flooding and water damage. Instead of struggling to get the job done right, more and more property owners are opting for professional care. Gorillas offer up full service care for homes, commercial properties and strata spaces. When you need a hand with your property maintenance services, there is no one better to call than one of our Gorillas!

The Gorilla Guarantee

Some tasks are more difficult to tackle than others. Improper pressure washing or window cleaning can result in breakage, which means costly repairs. Broken glass or high pressure sprays can break skin and cause bodily harm. This is why each member of the Gorilla team is fully outfitted and trained with top-notch safety practices.

After years in the industry, our experts know how to handle anything and everything that nature can throw at us. Instead of simply pointing and shooting hoses or vacuums at problem areas, our experts break your property care into a multi-step process. By tackling your services bit by bit, Gorillas are able to up our success rate, while lessening the risk of unnecessary damage.

Offering Up Peace of Mind

Client satisfaction is the goal of every Gorilla. It can be difficult for homeowners to tell if they are happy with their results – particularly if services involve heights. The good news is that our experts won’t ever leave you out of the loop. ‘Before and After’ photos are used to show off our results. In addition to being careful, each member of the Gorilla team is fully insured for personal and property damage.

Maintenance services are available as a regularly scheduled practice or for emergency call outs. For example, winter in Ontario can be a nightmare. Being buried in snow is a pain but you can always call a Gorilla instead. Looking to sell your home? A combination of power washing, roof and window cleaning can have your space sparkling clean. No matter the size of your space, a free quote is only a phone call away!

Timmins Property Services

If you are having a hard time maintaining the looks and overall condition of your property, Norm is here to help you out. Our family of Gorillas is always growing and luckily for the residents of Timmins, Ontario, Norm is leading the pack in your area. With a highly-trained crew of experts behind him, Norm is providing clients all over Timmins with expert results for their maintenance needs.

For nearly half of the year, property owners in Timmins are stuck dealing with snowy pathways and icy sidewalks. Speaking of a challenge, heights pose some of the biggest threats to property owners. Gaining access to your roof can be precarious, so why not let a Gorilla handle your Timmins roof cleaning and moss removal and your gutter cleaning, for you? Keeping a clean property requires service at every level, so whether it is high-up, like your window cleaning, or at ground-level with a snow removal and salting, we can help. In addition to ditching unwanted additions, our Gorillas can remove unwanted staining as well. Getting rid of graffiti can be easy with our Timmins graffiti removal, or, if natural staining is your issue, try our pressure washing on for size!

Toronto Property Services

Owning a property in Toronto is a big investment and no one helps you protect it like a Gorilla. The growing team at Gorilla property services is happy to boast the professional results and services of our Toronto partner, Stephen and his team of experts.

Whether you are dealing with a residential or commercial space, our Gorilla crew can help get the results you need for every level of your property. With proper safety equipment and top of the line tools and training, our Gorillas are ready for everything from your Toronto graffiti removal; window cleaning and gutter cleaning in Toronto; to Toronto snow removal and salting. With a wide range of property services at your disposal, our Gorillas get rid of natural and man-made stains, all while maintaining the structural integrity of your property. Keeping your home or commercial property looking its best impacts property values, foot traffic and business. Setting yourself up for success has never been easier than with the prompt and local services of our hardworking Gorillas.

Scarborough Property Services

Property maintenance is a pain at any size, but it doesn’t have to be. More and more owners and managers are choosing to have a professionals care for their homes, businesses or strata properties. Taking care of a structure inside and out means a never-ending to-do list and it is common for certain tasks to get lost in the shuffle. Luckily, there is a new team of Gorillas in town. Scarborough residents do not have to take on property care all by themselves. Our highly trained and experienced Gorillas are able to treat everything from the ground floor, all the way to your roofing.

Professional Care Makes a Difference

Every year, property owners choose to take on difficult (and even dangerous) household chores by themselves. An amateur approach can not only mean subpar results but it can also mean health hazards and unnecessary risk. When it comes to property maintenance, risk not only refers to health hazards but to property damage as well. One wrong move can mean broken glass or downed gutters. Taking a chance on DIY care can lead to slips, falls, hospital visits and unnecessary costs associated with unnecessary repairs and damage.

Hiring a professional property maintenance firm gives clients access to top of the line equipment but it also provides a highly trained technician to put them to use. Items like pressure washers can be rented from any home improvement or hardware store but they often do not come with instructions. This is where industry knowledge comes in handy. Aiming a high-pressure spray at delicate materials like windows, shingles or stucco can blast away aged or weakened materials and can create a disastrous visual. The exterior areas of your property are what make the fist impression to the outside world. Instead of letting sitting graffiti, algae or roof clutter make the wrong impression, let one of our Gorillas help make the right one.

The Gorilla Guarantee

There are plenty of property maintenance firms out there, hoping to get your business. The difference between these competitors and our Gorillas is our on-going training, customer service and aftercare. Our team of experienced Gorillas have a great reputation all across North America. Instead of leaving clients out of the loop, our experts walk them through our process, providing real-time updates and before and after photos. These extra steps provide our friends and neighbours with peace of mind and the best results possible.

Hamilton Property Services

It isn’t common to spot a Gorilla roaming around the Hamilton area, but it is about to be! Property owners all across Ontario need a helping hand – or paw – to keep their homes, storefronts and multi-unit spaces running. Where there is demand, there is a Gorilla ready to fill it. Expertly trained technicians treat structures from the ground up, leaving them in the best possible condition both structurally and visually.

Homes and businesses require care all year long. Each season presents its own unique issues – but our Gorillas can handle them all! Natural staining comes in many sizes and styles. Everything from bird droppings, algae growth, moss and graffiti can leave structures in rough shape aesthetically but they can cause plenty of damage as well. Instead of waiting for outdoor mayhem, make maintenance a part of your routine. Services like pressure washing, soft washing, graffiti removal or roof cleaning and moss removal can increase curb appeal and contribute to an overall stronger structure.

Not all property problems are visible from the outside. Gutter cleaning and dryer vent cleaning are necessary to the smooth running of properties but often do not get the attention that they deserve. Clearer pictures are only one phone call away with experienced window cleaning available in your area. Keep your property opened and appealing to guests and visitors with a bit of help from local specialists. Gorillas keep your structures looking great and create accessible pathways – even in the dead of winter! Snow clearing and salting keep property owners on their feet without the physical strain of shovelling.

Each and every Gorilla technician is local to your area. Homeowners never have to question the dedication of their local maintenance specialists. For a cost effective way to keep your community looking its finest, look no further than in your own backyard.

Etobicoke Property Services

Being a part of the Greater Toronto Area puts a lot of pressure on residents and their properties. As a part of one of Canada’s “big hitter” cities, Etobicoke has a reputation to uphold! As much as you might try, it is easy for property owners to become overwhelmed. Naturally occurring pains in the neck are a dime a dozen, but our Gorillas are worth their weight in gold! It has never been easier to keep your home or commercial space looking its best than with Alex Xia and his team of Gorillas.

The Toronto area is known for its fluctuating weather patterns and stark seasonal changes. Whether you are dealing with rain or shine, there is still work to be done! While some chores require ample time, or manual labour, not everyone has the ability to get these done. Whatever your limitations are, our Gorillas are ready and willing to get the job done! Tasks such as snow clearing and salting, for example, are not fun for everyone. Spending time outdoors in -20 is not exactly an ideal way to spend the day for everyone. With so many methods of removal, our Gorillas get expert results in an timely manner. Exterior cleanings go far deeper than just simple snow removal. Graffiti removal, pressure washing, and soft washing can boost curb appeal when done correctly, but amateur methods can lead to damage.

Difficult to reach areas in homes are often neglected just because of the inconvenience. Regular window cleaning helps improve the look of your property but it also protects the integrity of glass. While these services provide a clearer view, other unapproachable tasks such as roof cleaning, gutter cleaning or dryer vent cleaning can also maintain integrity while improving overall conditions. Don’t let a lack of routine bring down the condition of your residential, commercial or strata properties when a Gorilla is right around the corner.

Ottawa Property Services

When your Ottawa property is in need of a little TLC, there is no one better to call than our very own dynamic duo of Jim and Mary Lynn. This technically-trained twosome is ready to service residential and commercial properties all over the Ottawa area.

Your Ottawa Gorillas are experts in operating safely and professionally at every level of your property. Those height-restricting chores like eavestrough or gutter cleaning, along with Ottawa roof cleaning and moss removal can be tough to handle on your own. If you do not have  the time or muscle for these tasks, our Gorillas can handle them for you! While tackling heights might improve structural integrity and snow removal and salting might make your space passable, aesthetics are important as well! If your property has been hit with an unwanted paint job, our Ottawa graffiti removal can restore your home to its former glory. For issues from natural staining to clutter against windows, Jim and Mary Lynn are ready to answer the call with our pressure washing and window cleaning services. You can rest assured that you will always get the best results when you choose a Gorilla for your home or commercial property maintenance.


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