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Creating a safe space for our clients is top priority for our team and that is why Gorilla Property Services will remain open for business as usual. During the Covid-19 pandemic, members of the Gorilla team are operating in accordance with government safety protocols to provide homes, commercial spaces and multi-unit properties with necessary care.

March 26, 2020

Nanaimo Property Services

Up until now, property owners and managers have been struggling to keep up with the demands of everyday maintenance but luckily, those days are over! Instead of leaving our friends and neighbours high and dry, there is a new crew of Gorillas in town! Our experts work tirelessly to rid homes and businesses of unwanted stains, all while keeping them in good, working order. Unwanted growth like moss and algae can sneak up over time, while large dumps of snow are impossible to ignore. Whether your space is in need of regular maintenance and care, or emergency services, Curtis and his team of Gorillas have got you covered.

Why Call A Gorilla

Every structure is made up of many moving parts. Having just one of these fail on you can mean a ripple effect across homes, storefronts and multi-unit properties. It is clear that upkeep is important but it can also be dangerous. Managing roofing or trying to axe algae growth can mean big bruises or even a trip to the hospital. This is where experienced roof cleaning and pressure washing services come in handy! In addition to health hazards, amateur techniques can lead to property damage, so why not call in the professionals? Simply hosing down walls or sweeping clutter away from a roof every once in a while, is not enough to keep properties in good standing.

Maintaining curb appeal is important to the value of your property but visuals aren’t everything. Regular visits from a Gorilla can keep windows sparkling and graffiti gone. DIY projects are just disasters waiting to happen, professional care can be customized to suit your living space. Our Gorilla experts have spent years in the field, tackling common problems and some rather unique ones. This means we are equipped to handle anything that your space can throw at us. Safety is the name of the game with our Gorillas. With top safety equipment and fully insured staff, your property is always in good hands. The Nanaimo area has an unpredictable climate but it also has an unpredictable night life. As much as owners or managers need to prepare for heavy rains and the occasional snow fall, they also need to be ready for graffiti. Vandalism can happen at any time, but the most common time for it is over night. Offensive designs or tags can create a negative impression around any business or structure. This is why emergency graffiti removal services are available all over Nanaimo. Don’t let paint sit or let snow accumulate when our Gorillas are ready and available to save the day.

The Perks of Local Nanaimo Property Service

Each member of the Gorilla team is local to your community, so we know all the problem areas. Instead of struggling to figure out the dynamics of your property and its surrounding areas, our specialists can get down to business! Efficient services are just one of the reasons that our phones ring off the hook, year round. Choosing local services also means not waiting for months to have your gutters cleaned! When you want the best results for your services and a dedicated team to get you there, there is no one better to call than Curtis and his team of experts.

Surrey Property Services

It isn’t common to spot apes strolling through urban areas but that won’t stop our Gorillas. Our team of maintenance experts are busy servicing properties around the Surrey area. Highly trained technicians are able to keep homes and commercial spaces in good condition, from the ground up. Whether your exterior space needs a light touch or heavy hand, no one gets results like our Gorillas.

The Perks of Professional Care

More and more property owners and managers are tired of struggling with DIY care for their work and living spaces. Many household projects seem simple on the outside but are a lot tougher than they appear. Roof cleaning, for example, can be very dangerous without the right safety tools and training. When hiring a maintenance firm to handle these tricky chores for you, there is peace of mind in knowing that all services are done correctly and safely! Each and every one of our Gorilla specialists are local to your area, so you can expect top care and dedication in our work.

Services That We Offer

Gorilla Property Services offer up a variety of services throughout Surrey and the surrounding area that help keep properties looking their best. The trick to maintenance is keeping up with both looks and overall condition. Repairs and replacements of any kind are costly when it comes down to it. Replacing windows? Pricey. Replacing roofing? Expensive. Routine care? A cost-effective way to extend the lifespan of your materials.

Roof Care: Your roof is made up of more than just shingling and a few beams. From a street view, a cluttered roofing surface looks terrible, but there is more going on than meets the eye. Under layers of leaves and organic debris, moss begins to form. A damp and covered environment is the perfect place for moss to thrive, weaving itself over and under shingles and damaging construction materials underneath. Luckily, our Gorillas are ready and equipped to handle your roof cleaning and moss removal needs! Crowded gutters or eavestroughs are also a cause for concern. As gutters clog up, water sits against surfaces, softening decking and leading to damage.

Exterior Cleaning: Pressure washing and soft washing services are a way to leave structures sparkling without the painful act of scrubbing. Sure, you can take a brush and attack stubborn stains, but you won’t get the results that you want. Soft washing allows specialists to treat delicate areas like vinyl siding and stucco while pressure washing handles the tough stuff, like concrete. Windows, especially those on second storeys and above is difficult. Just reaching these panes is tough but a proper clean is even worse – until you call a Gorilla. Our experts use specialized tools to reach and scrub windows up to four storeys.

Seasonal Services: Property maintenance is a year-round endeavour but there are some things that you only have to worry about seasonally. Snow removal and salting services aren’t much use when it is warm outside. Our Gorillas tackle exterior spaces large and small. Dryer vent cleaning for commercial spaces are recommended with every season. Routine care for both of these maintenance needs keeps tenants and visitors safe.

Coquitlam Property Services

The Greater Vancouver area is home to millions of people across a dozen cities and this means tons of homes and rental properties. Between managing the elements and dealing with man-made issues, regular property care can be tough. This is why there is a dedicated team of Gorillas handling the Coquitlam area. Homes and commercial spaces will never be left out in cold with Alex and his team of Gorillas nearby.

The Importance of Routine Care

Weather in British Columbia is anything but predictable. Sure, this west coast province is known for rainy days but property owners can also expect snow throughout winter and dry spells during summer months and each of these leave their mark. A bit of sitting dirt here to there might not seem like an issue but over time, debris can mean damage. Invasive growth, bird droppings and even graffiti all get worse over time. This is what makes routine cleanings and care so important.

At its surface, keeping a structure in working order seems simple but this just isn’t the case. Just wipe down windows? You won’t get the results that you need. Running a hand through gutters? Drainage systems won’t be as clean as can be. Neglecting these areas can mean breakage or water damage that means costly repairs or replacements. Don’t get stuck with a hefty bill when you can pass the heavy lifting onto a Gorilla. Property managers can say goodbye to frightening heights and gunky gutters by saying  “hello” to our team of highly trained experts.

Choosing Your Coquitlam Property Services

Everyone wants their home to look its best – especially if they are selling it! In the real estate market, curb appeal is everything. A once over with a soft washer can leave walls looking new again while higher pressure sprays can leave patios, decks, walkways and parking pads looking their best. This is great in theory but amateur services always mean trouble. DIY might as well stand for “Damage-It-Yourself”. Choosing professional Coquitlam property services means expert care, that is fully insured!

While it is possible to rent out power tools or hire on youths from the neighbourhood to clean your gutters, this won’t get the results that our Gorillas can. Proper tools and techniques leave your property looking great but they also extend the life of your expensive fixtures. The name of the game to our experts is “safety”, for both our staff, your structures and anyone that might just be walking on by. This means partnering with other firms such as FLOGUARD to keep waterways clean and using proper tie-offs to protect our apes.

Abbotsford Property Services

Property owners in the Abbotsford area are often faced with seasonal complications, but maintaining an inviting space is easier than ever with our Gorillas nearby. The highly skilled Gorilla team is always growing, and with Marcus as their fearless leader, Abbotsford is looking better than ever.

The look and functionality of your property is important. First impressions aren’t everything but they can set the tone for your visitors and clients. Unappealing features of your home can come in many forms and can start from the ground up. You might notice organic debris or clutter scattered around your roof, but getting it down can be tough and dangerous. With the right safety equipment and tools, great results for your roof cleaning and moss removal or gutter cleaning, have never been easier! The winter season can also pose health and safety hazards to your property. Buried sidewalks or walkways or slippery surfaces can lead to slips, falls or even trips to the hospital. These unnecessary risks are a thing of the past with a little help from our Gorillas.

Whether you are looking for structural security or curb appeal, Marcus and his team have got you covered! Each Gorilla can help scrub and shine your property with our Abbotsford graffiti removal, Abbotsford window cleaning and pressure washing services.

Maple Ridge Property Services

Typical gorillas don’t exactly have a dress code, but your friendly neighbourhood Gorilla specialists do. You might catch a glimpse of a brightly coloured uniform traveling the streets of Mission, Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, but never fear, that is just the Gorilla team. Homes and businesses throughout these areas are up against a lot, so why not let us lend a helping paw? Darren and his team of property maintenance experts are available to care for your residential and commercial properties.

Treating Your Property

Taking care of a property is a top-to-bottom job. Some of these areas are easier to reach than others, but that does not make them any simpler to care for. Even chores as seemingly simple as window cleaning and gutter cleaning can be problematic without the right experience. When you choose a Gorilla for your property maintenance needs, you can rest easy knowing that every area is treated properly, with the right tools for the job. Choosing a Gorilla means difficult to reach areas like your roof can be clutter-free, moss-free and draining smoothly. In addition to basic, routine practices, the Gorilla team is able to keep up with seasonal issues as well. Snow removal and salting is a major strain on property owners, but it doesn’t need to be. With shovels, blowers and plows, there is no property that our team cannot create a clear and inviting outdoor area. Whether it is rain, shine or sub-zero temperatures, Darren and his Gorillas have got you covered.

Why Should You Go Gorilla?

Choosing Gorilla Property Services for your home or workplace is all Pro and no Con. Our maintenance experts are local to your area and are involved members of our communities. You will never have to sit and wait for the service that you need. With prompt service, competitive prices and expert customer service, there is no better option for your space. All it takes for a smooth-running property is one phone call to Darren and his team of property specialists.

Vancouver Property Services

Gorillas are not a native species for Vancouver but you can expect to see more and more of them roaming the streets. You don’t have to worry though, these Gorillas are trained, uniformed and led by Pascal, a friendly, neighbourhood franchise partner. Pascal and his crack team of maintenance experts are ready and available to have your home or commercial space clean and welcoming in no time.
Looks play a major part in property values, and foot traffic. The wrong look can make or break your business day, and dissuade visitors or clients from coming inside. Instead of letting a splash of graffiti dictate your day, call a Gorilla for your Vancouver graffiti removal. In addition to peeling paint off of decks or walls, our Gorillas are available to help ditch natural staining as well. A proper Vancouver pressure washing can make a world of difference to your decks, patios, and concrete but no job is done properly without the right technique. Even something as simple as cleaning windows can be problematic without the right tools!
Seasonal changes can be a pest, but not with the help of a Gorilla. Our team of specialists can clean up in winter and throughout the rest of the year as well. Vancouver snow removal and salting helps keep you on your feet. If you feel safest with your feet on the ground, call a Gorilla for your Vancouver roof cleaning and moss removal, as well as your Vancouver gutter cleaning.

Vancouver East Property Services

Finding the right property maintenance team can be tough. You want to know that the unique needs of your home or commercial property are being met. Luckily for East Vancouver residents, all it takes is one phone call for Eli and his team to be on the scene. Whether your property is in need of routine or cosmetic services, a Gorilla is always nearby.

Gorillas are great climbers, but that does not mean that we leave safety equipment out of the equation. Without the proper tools and training, something as seemingly simple as an East Vancouver roof cleaning and moss removal can lead to extreme health hazards. The same goes for your gutter cleaning. Don’t take a chance on your well-being, or your property when you can call up a Gorilla instead.

Dirty windows might be an eye-sore but, over time, sitting material can cause structural damage. Glass, much like concrete, is a porous material and that is why it is important to practice routine maintenance for your window cleaning and pressure washing. While some services are routine over periods of time, others are reactionary to pains that come with vandalism. Our East Vancouver graffiti removal tackles all the tough spots of stripping paint from the exterior areas of your property. Whether you want to ditch unwanted paint or unexpected snow fall, Eli and his team have got your covered!

West Vancouver Property Services

If you live in the West Vancouver area, you might have noticed a group of brightly uniformed property specialists, cruising your neighbourhood, don’t worry, those are just Gorillas! As our team grows, you will be seeing more our of Gorillas, swinging into action around your property, led by franchisee partner, Vincent.

The Gorilla team is always working hard to keep communities clean by treating obvious stains like graffiti, seasonal wear and tear or unwanted growth. Vancouver might be known for its thriving art scene but that does not mean that you want your property turned into an impromptu canvas. If this has been the case for your home or business, all it takes is one call to Vincent and his team to have your property looking great again in no time.

Our brand of Gorilla services approach the problem areas of your property at every level. For those hard to reach areas such as your roof, Vincent will see to your West Vancouver roof cleaning and moss removal. Hitting heights can be tough on the best of days, but doing so with a task in mind can be even worse. Your West Vancouver gutter cleaning is a chore that must be done but that doesn’t make it any simpler to get there! For all those tricky tasks, just call a Gorilla! With Vincent and his team behind you, your property can be looking its best in no time. Our wide range of services covers the look of outdoor construction materials as well as helping to get the full lifespan out of your roof, concrete and windows.

New Westminster Property Services

There is something special about living in a historic town, and New Westminster is just that. Being one of the oldest communities in British Columbia means a unique mix of traditional and modern architecture. This is great for curb appeal, but it can make property management difficult. Luckily, you can rely on your friendly neighbourhood Gorillas to get the job done right. Whether it is scrubbing surfaces at the ground level or wiping windows at four storeys high, our specialists are always ready to swing into action. Experienced practices and expert results are only a phone call away. The Gorilla approach to New Westminster property services aims to not only clean your structures and spaces but to keep them in good condition over long periods.

Making the Most Out of Your Space

The real estate market in British Columbia can be fickle, so it is no wonder that property owners are always trying to keep up with curb appeal and increasing property values. Whether you are looking to sell or wanting to stay put, there is never a bad time to add value to your home or commercial workspace. In addition to adding value to your structures, a clean and well-kept property can add to your business as well! Dirt and buildup can leave walls looking grimy while vandalism like graffiti can alienate potential customers. Don’t let neglect make the first impression when our Gorillas can give you a clean slate.

Every day, owners and managers take property maintenance into their own hands. There are, of course, reasons to think this way but the reality is that DIY is never a good idea. Whether it is a way to cut costs on property management services or hoping to get quick results, but amateur methods do more harm than good. Even basic services require using power tools which are heavy and difficult to use. Machines like power washers might not seem like much more than a high-pressure hose but these can break windows, damage weakened materials and even cause bodily harm. Instead of taking on a risk, avoid injury and unnecessary damage by having a Gorilla handle your heavy lifting.

Any Property, Any Place

Living spaces, storefronts and multi-unit properties all require different care and techniques. Strata management, for example, can be complicated. Instead of cleaning one set of gutters, property owners are now responsible for handling dozens! Managing a single unattached home is trouble enough but larger or more complex properties require a custom treatment plan in order to get the best results possible.

Richmond Property Services

Demand for proper property maintenance in the Richmond area is always growing. Property owners all over the Richmond community are searching for reliable service and expert results. If you are one of these seekers, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call Pascal! With property service experts like Pascal and his Gorillas, you can eliminate the west coast worries of staining and unnecessary wear and tear to your property.

Issues around your property can range from the obvious to the easily missed. Basic routine practices like window cleaning, gutter cleaning or Richmond roof cleaning and moss removal are tough but necessary. In addition to keeping these areas of your home running smoothly, Pascal and his Gorillas can handle aesthetics as well. Graffiti doesn’t stand a chance against a Gorilla, but our specialists can remove natural staining as well. Richmond pressure washing and graffiti removal are all just a part of our repertoire. While we are getting rid of things around your home or business, you might as well let us haul away all of that unwanted snow!

Each Gorilla Office is Independently Owned and Operated