Oakville Pressure Washing

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Stains around your property are inevitable. Discolouration comes with algae growth, build up of dust and dirt and even the occasional graffiti spray. This type of staining can give off the wrong impression of your home or business and maybe you like it a little bit less as well. When your property needs to be spruced up, it is our Gorillas to the rescue with our Oakville pressure washing.

oakville pressure washing

Stains, Pains & High-Powered Water

In a damp climate, there is nothing to be done about moisture. It soaks into surfaces, rots building materials and can give you one heck of a chill. Going up against nature is a bad idea but learning how to treat its side effects is a necessary evil. Having marks and discolouration around your space can make even the most cared-for home or storefront look sloppy. Instead of giving off the wrong impression, let our Gorillas help you give off the right one. Instead of renting a power tool and trying to tackle your space on your own, call in the pros to have it done safely and effectively.

Oakville Pressure Washing: Property Maintenance Made Simple

If you aren’t sure how to deal with a bit of algae here or ground-in dirt there, our Gorillas can help. The first step to any proper removal is identifying what you are dealing with. Sometimes it is dried mud, moss, bird droppings or even graffiti but we have systems to eliminate all of these. By using an application of our eco-friendly graffiti foam to loosen surface stains, our Gorillas can get down to the root of your issues and address them accordingly. A little elbow grease gets our Gorilla Brushes moving, clearing any lifted dirt and paving the way for pressure washing. Stains don’t stand a chance against our Gorillas.

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