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Kelowna Snow Clearing & Salting

Gorilla Property Services is now offering Kelowna Snow Clearing and Salting to all our Strata and Co-op clients exclusively.  Like a lot of the rest of BC, the Okanagan tends to see the worst of its winter weather in December and January, and Kelowna is no exception.  The last time the Okanagan Lake froze over completely was in 1986.  Ordinarily, warm air rising from the lake climbs above the colder atmospheric air.  This can cause the valley to be coated in cloud for weeks on end during the winter months and is when the area sees the majority of its annual snowfall.

For most, this is a time to play.  However thousands of people are admitted to hospital every year after slips, trips and falls due to icy conditions.  Our Kelowna Snow Clearing and Salting Service is the perfect preventative measure. This gives you and your residents peace of mind that your property and surrounding area is a safe environment. The process is simple and non-evasive, but effective.  A thorough salting is performed by our fully trained and certified Gorilla technicians the night prior to a pre-determined temperature, frost warning and/or light snowfall.  Walkways, landings, parkade entries and other common areas exposed to the elements are completely salted.  Shoveling and snow clearing is carried out on a predetermined snow fall level.  As all our Kelowna Snow Clearing and Salting services are completed in the wee hours, our aim is to keep the noise to a minimum.  To this end, our Gorillas use shovels and mechanical blowers for all snow removal.  We also offer Parking Lot Salting with the aid of our Gorilla Mobile.

By calling Gorilla Property Service today on 1-844-GORILLA (467-4552), you can be confident in the knowledge your property will be well taken care of this winter and beyond!

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