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Edmonton Snow Clearing

Canada is known across the globe for it’s winters but it is not all picturesque landscapes and snow-cover peaks. When an unexpected storm hits or you find yourself trapped by the weather, our Edmonton snow clearing and salting service is only a call away.

There are few places in Canada who embrace the outdoors in winter, in the same way that Albertans do but at a certain point – enough is enough! The average snowfall in Edmonton per year is 48.6 inches and although it may not seem like a large amount on paper, to be faced with that much snow can be a nightmare! As snow and ice collects around your property – our gorillas are suiting up and getting ready to fight back against your flaky, white nemesis. Our gorillas are outfitted with state of the art equipment as well as age-old classics, designed to bring you the best possible results for your property.

How, you might ask, can our Gorillas manage all of this? The key to our success is both knowledge and vigilance. Our Gorillas are prepared to tackle snow as it falls and are willing to combat the elements at any time of day – or even over the course of the night. Our Gorillas may work at night, but you will never have to worry about being woken up. Stealth is part of our expert training process, undergone by each new member of the Gorilla Property Services team. As snow falls over residential areas during the course of the night, your property is being taken care of by caring (and quiet) hands, using shovels to instead of machines in order to respect the sleeping habits of yourself and your neighbours.

Our Edmonton snow clearing and salting is not limited to residential areas. Whether you are in need of a clear sidewalk, parking lot, you can count on our Gorillas to get the job done right. Call today to book an appointment for your Edmonton snow clearing and salting.

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