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Victoria Pressure Washing

Victoria Pressure Washing understands the importance of pre-emptive maintenance and in a climate like Victoria’s, it is much needed. On average, Victoria sees 148 days of precipitation per year and 27.8 inches of rainfall per year.

Porous materials like concrete are perfect venues for algae growth. Proper maintenance through Victoria Pressure Washing removes the build-up of algae that forms on these surfaces. In addition to making surfaces, such as walkways or sidewalks slippery, the algae allows the surface to retain moisture, doing potential damage to your property.

In addition to removing algae and discolouration, Victoria Pressure Washing removes efflorescence from properties as well. Efflorescence is a chalky-white substance that occurs when water run-off brings salt to the surface of bricks, leaving a residue behind it.

Contrary to what some home or business owners may believe, there is more the Victoria Pressure Washing than simply aiming a water hose! Our Gorillas undergo heavy training until they are certified in our “full clean” technique. The first steps to proper Victoria Pressure Washing is a scabbing with our brushes to loosen unwanted materials and staining. Next we apply an eco-friendly disinfectant spray that foams on contact with the walls or outdoor materials. The foaming quality ensures that all cracks and spaces are receiving the cleaners and no spots have been missed. Then, for the final step, our crew uses a wand system to wash away and staining, algae or mould. Our Gorillas operate using a grid system, ensuring that every piece of property receives a good cleaning, without any leftover or forgotten spaces.

The exterior of your home or business will be the first impression it gives to others, let us help you make sure it is the impression that you want.

Appointments can be made online or by phone at 1-844-GORILLA (467-4552).

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