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Vancouver Pressure Washing

Flanked by the majestic mountains to the north, scenic Stanley Park to the west and lined to the south with beautiful beaches; there’s no denying Vancouver has a great deal to offer no matter your preference. It’s a well-known fact that Vancouver is one of the few cities where you can ski in the morning and sail in the afternoon. You can experience some of the world’s top class restaurants or treat yourself to a spending-spree in one of the cities numerous, diverse shopping districts. It certainly is beautiful. One of the obvious reasons for this is cleanliness. That’s where Gorilla Property Services’ Vancouver Pressure Washing is essential.

Vancouver Pressure Washing: Complete Cleaning Every Time

In a bustling city, like Vancouver, it’s important for home and especially business owners to maintain their property and surrounding area. Competition is high, particularly in the downtown core. In addition, Passers-by tend to judge a business on curb appeal alone. Gorilla Property Services’ ‘completely clean’ system will have your property looking like new in no time. Our Vancouver Pressure Washing Service begins by treating the area with a disinfectant and algae remover. This is designed to slowly eradicate the build-up produced by prolonged exposure to the elements. Next, our pressure washing technicians start scrubbing. They use ‘Gorilla Brushes’, backed up with some good old-fashioned elbow grease. And that’s all before we even start the pressure washing!

Our Vancouver Pressure Washing Service is not just something to consider for an older property. New masonry can be prone to an issue known as efflorescence. When water passes through a porous material, it can cause the salt to migrate to the surface. Here it forms a layer. This chalky deposit cannot be removed with conventional cleaning methods alone. Our Gorilla techs use a cleansing agent that creates foam on the surface removing efflorescence without damaging the masonry and allowing your new investment to shine.

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