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Edmonton Pressure Washing

All over Canada, property owners are embracing the importance of first impressions and there is no easier way to make the right one than with a clean and bright property. If you feel as though your home or business is too far gone to have a beautiful exterior, Gorilla property services is ready to change your mind with our Edmonton pressure washing services.

In a climate like Edmonton’s there is a lot of care that goes into property maintenance, particularly during the spring season when residents need to combat seasonal melting and rainfall. When that much moisture is present in the environment, it can collect and settle on the surfaces of your property and, if let untreated, can result in discolouration and even the spread of moss and algae across the hard surfaces of your property such as driveways, sidewalks and even parking lots. In addition to being visual unappealing, algae can create health hazards in the form of slippery surfaces around your residential or commercial property.

Our multi-step approach to your Edmonton pressure washing involves, floor scrubbers, speciality brushes, and eco-friendly cleaning agents and that is all before we begin the pressure washing itself. This level of care is what you can expect from our highly-trained Gorillas for every aspect of your property.

These services are not limited to the concrete and hard surfaces around your property but can be implemented on regular brick, masonry and even patios. Whether it is for homes or businesses, there is nothing more annoying than wanting to spend time on a nice patio in summer but finding it littered with droppings from your neighbourhood birds. As bad as this may seem at home, it is even worse for businesses (restaurants in particular) that offer patio service. At Gorilla property services, all of our technicians are local to your area, making them available to answer your service calls in a timely and courteous manner. Call today to find out how our Edmonton pressure washing service can benefit you.

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