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North Bay Gutter Cleaning

Our Gorillas have a message for the people of North Bay – your gutters need cleaning! Whilst our technicians were swinging about town, they noticed that many homes and businesses are in need of North Bay gutter cleaning. It can be difficult to notice these seemingly small details about your home (especially when you are unable to see them) but we’ve taken notice and would like to help. Many properties throughout Canada do not receive proper gutter cleaning but in a city like North Bay it is a necessity.

North Bay Gutter Cleaning: Rain, Rain Drain Away

Every year North Bay receives 2.5 feet of rain. This may not seem like a great deal of water but take a moment and imagine standing in a pool with that depth. If gutters are not clear to move the water down and away from your home, where would it go? The roof of your home collects organic matter year-round, particularly during the changing of seasons. Leaves fall off trees, winds move bits of debris from one area to the next, and is more than likely they will end up in or around the gutters of your home. This debris forms a base inside your gutters which prevents rain water not only from draining but from carrying out the biological waste that comes down with it.

As your gutters collect moisture and plant life thrives, your roof is slowly becoming a tiny eco-system of its own. These areas are damp and covered, inviting insects and small rodents to make their home inside the area of your gutters and can sometimes even find their way inside your property. North Bay gutter cleaning ensures that clogs are removed and you no longer have to worry about these creepy-crawlers. Our Gorilla technicians work in steps to ensure that your gutters are free of debris and flowing freely.

You can trust in our state of the art equipment and desire to give you the best result possible. Call or book online for your North Bay gutter cleaning today, 1-844-GORILLA (467-4552).

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