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Victoria Gutter Cleaning

The Island is known for its lush forests and Victoria Gutter Cleaning understands the importance of keeping the foliage out of your gutters and back in the woods.

Some of the more prominent tree types in Victoria are: the Anabalis Fir, the Douglas Fir and the Black Cottonwood tree. Two out of three of these trees have needles instead of leaves. For those wondering why they should not simply clean the gutters on your own, these tiny needles are one of the main reasons! Larger pieces of debris can be removed by hand, but smaller bits of organic matter such as tree needles, dirt or even sand can be incredibly difficult to remove.

Without proper tools and training, these needles and pieces of smaller matter are nearly impossible to remove completely. Victoria Gutter Cleaning uses vacuums to remove these needles, preventing them from forming a foundation for debris collection. To ensure proper cleaning, all spouts and gutters are tested before the job is done.

To ensure a job well done, our Gorillas take before and after photos in order to show clients the condition of their gutters both before and after cleaning.

Safety is our top priority, both for our staff and your property. During our Victoria Gutter Cleaning our staff use “Stand-Offs” which allow our Gorillas to reach the roof level of your home or business property without making directly contact with the gutters themselves. Leaning a ladder on the gutters may cause damage to the gutters, which can include dents or even pulling the gutters off entirely if enough weight is applied.

By making an appointment with Victoria Gutter Cleaning, you can eliminate the threat of damaging the exterior of your property while ensuring that the job is completed effectively and safely.

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