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Penticton Gutter Cleaning

When you consider Gorilla Property Services Penticton Gutter Cleaning, you may think, “What’s the point?  Penticton only sees 13 inches of annual rainfall.”  What you may not know is that even a minimal amount of water accessing your home or business over time can cause structural damage, if the gutters are not fully functioning.  Penticton is known for its dramatic landscape.  With the pine and fir covered Monashee Mountains to the east, Cascades to the west and the leafy streets of the city itself; the chances of debris finding its way into your gutters is high.  We recommend our Penticton Gutter Cleaning Service, at least, once a year.  However, many of our clients are on a semi-annual (Spring and Fall) or Quarterly (every 3 months) rotation.

When our fully trained and certified Gorilla technicians arrive at your property to carry out our Penticton Gutter Cleaning Service, there are certain factors on which you can rely.  Safety is paramount.  All ladders are secured to the roofline using ‘Stand-offs’.  These allow our technicians safe access to the guttering without causing any damage.  Once installed, a full walk around is carried out and all necessary equipment is tested.  Following that our Gorillas take ‘Before pictures’ so you can see the issues, from terra firma, before we take care of them.  The aim then is to make sure any branches, leaves, pine needles or other debris is completely removed.  We start with the roof, then the gutters and finish by fully testing the entire system.  Some Penticton Gutter Cleaning Services do just that; clean only the gutters.  This is great, until the next wind storm when the plant remnants left on your roof blow into the gutter and you’re back to square one.  A call to Gorilla Property Services on 1-844-GORILLA (467-4552) will ensure this is not the case.