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Mission Gutter Cleaning

Our Gorilla technicians are ready to roll on Mission Gutter Cleaning Services at any time! Gutter cleaning is one of the most significant exterior home maintenance services we offer. It is not, however, a preferred D.I.Y. project. From a home owner’s perspective, the most challenging and dangerous maintenance one can do without professional assistance is gutter cleaning. Not for our fully trained and certified Gorillas! We take the outmost care before commencing any gutter cleaning service. An essential step, for example, is the use of fall arrest or restraint measures when the pitch of the roof is very steep. Our technicians also use ladder ‘stand-offs’ (arm bars attached at the top of the ladder to prevent it from resting against the gutter) and ‘feet-levelers’ to make certain the ladder is always secure. Their own, and our clients’, safety is a priority for our Gorillas.

Mission Gutter Cleaning is definitely one of the busiest services we offer our clients thanks to B.C.s dependable rainy season. Keeping those gutters free of debris and allowing rain water to flow freely is vital. Our Mission Gutter Cleaning team’s assignment is to make sure all of the gutters are vacuumed clean and downspouts are water tested for blockages and leaks. High definition pictures are taken before work commences and after it is completed. This way, our Mission Gutter Cleaning clients can see exactly how bad it can get up there without having to hike up a ladder. Like all areas in the Lower Mainland, the Fall and the Spring are the regular seasons for Mission Gutter Cleaning, although it can be done at any time of year. So, why wait until Fall or Spring? Give the Gorillas a call today on 1-844-GORILLA (467-4552).   We’ll pop out and give you a non-obligated, hassle-free quote on getting those gutters spotless!