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Edmonton Gutter Cleaning

What Canadian does not enjoy the changing colours and falling leaves during the fall season? Less lovely, however, is the way that they collect along your roof and gutters. No matter the season, our Gorillas are ready to perform your Edmonton gutter cleaning.

Leaves are not the only thing that crowds your roof while season change. Bits of debris and plant cast-off blow around, flowing and falling until they come to rest inside your gutters. When your gutters are full, water is unable to pass through, leading to a host of other problems. Over time, organic debris breaks down, retaining moisture and trapping it against the materials of your roof. This creates an environment that supports life by growing moss, and inviting other natural debris, insects and even rodents, to take up residents on top of your property.

Our Gorillas have determined that the easiest way to prevent blockages inside your drains is to organize a routine for your Edmonton gutter cleaning. In most cases, our Gorillas are called out twice annually, once in the spring and once in the fall, in order to clean and prepare the gutters for the winter season and the inevitable melt that follows.

More than simply removing the materials by hand, our Gorillas are outfitted with the most appropriate tools of the trade, such as specially-designed vacuums to remove not only the larger blockages but small bits of debris as well, such as needles and twig. In addition to clearing these gutters, our Gorillas want to keep home and property owners in the loop at all times and that is why we provide before and after photos, in order to provide our customers peace of mind (while safely on the ground!).

Our Gorillas are waiting to hear from you, so call today to book an appointment for your Edmonton gutter cleaning.