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Vancouver Graffiti Removal

Vancouver Graffiti Removal plays a huge role in Gorilla Property Services daily routine.  The responsibility is so big, we employ a dedicated team of ‘Graffiti Gorillas’ servicing Vancouver only. Vancouver Graffiti Removal is an ongoing challenge.  Supervision is needed on a daily to weekly basis, dependent on your property type and requirements.  This ensures that tagging is kept to a minimum regardless of the location.

Here at Gorilla Property Services, we are proud to work with all the major Vancouver property management companies, business improvement associations, business owners and city staff.  Our aim is to ensure that the city of Vancouver is kept graffiti free. This requires regular patrolling within the downtown core, and its surrounding neighbourhoods.  We are in constant search of graffiti.  However, we want to maintain our first class service, even over such a large area.  To do so, we’ve divided our Vancouver graffiti removal programs into four sections. These are Vancouver South, Vancouver East, Vancouver West and Downtown Vancouver. The graffiti removal required for all of these areas simply cannot be taken lightly.  Tagging must be removed from surfaces instantly so it does not become a regular haunt.  Implementing our Vancouver Graffiti Removal program immediately lets the taggers know their ‘work’ will not be tolerated. Having tagging cleaned, without delay, increases the chances of removal in one treatment allowing your property to shine.

From time to time, we receive call outs for racial or hate graffiti. As a standard part of our service, for all our Gorilla clients, we offer immediate removal free of charge.

If you fall into one of the Vancouver Graffiti Removal areas listed above and find your home or business tagged, give us a call at 1-844-GORILLA (467-4552). Our office will send over a fully trained and certified ‘Graffiti Gorilla’ to assist ASAP!  Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  Let us help keep it that way.


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