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Richmond Graffiti Removal

Richmond Graffiti RemovalNext to our Vancouver graffiti removal routes, Richmond graffiti removal is our busiest city for tagging. Richmond graffiti removal is one of the largest areas we cover and one of the busiest, as a demand for 7 day coverage is in place. From our records and call monitoring, Richmond graffiti removal doesn’t have one particular area that is the busiest or a “hot spot”, the tagging has been equal throughout all parts of the city over the last 2 years. Graffiti removal in Richmond is a full time job for our Gorilla technicians as the amount of commercial based clients is about 4 times that of our residential side.

Ensuring that the graffiti removal in Richmond is completed quickly and efficiently is the key to success, as the longer the graffiti sits, the greater the chance of ghosting on the surface there is. Our Richmond Graffiti Removal Team Technicians drive our state of the art Graffiti Removal Gorilla Mobiles. Everything our guys need to remove graffiti is on board. All of our Richmond graffiti removal jobs are documented with before and after pics that are sent directly to the client for peace of mind. If you require immediate assistance with Graffiti Removal within Richmond, please call our office at 1-844-GORILLA (467-4552) and we will have a technician dispatched to resolve!