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Penticton Graffiti Removal

With its mild climate, easy access to a bustling downtown district and population of just 33,250; Penticton is a popular destination for a short break or long term.  You might think that a little city where many people go to retire would have no need for Gorilla Property Services’ Penticton Graffiti Removal but that is simply not the case.  Smaller places like downtown Penticton tend to be less peopled in the wee small hours.  ‘Taggers’ work best when undisturbed and where better than these quiet streets and alleyways.  Just recently an 18 year old man was arrested and given six months probation after plaguing the area with his ‘Cevers’ tags for over a year.

Our Penticton Graffiti Removal Program is not just about getting rid of unsightly ‘art work’, but eliminating the possibility of it happening again.  When a Gorilla’s got your back, you can sleep soundly knowing your property is being regularly patrolled.  This is for two important reasons.  The first being a deterrent, if Graffiti Artists know an area is being watched they are more likely to pick themselves a handier job.  The second being removal, where fast action is crucial.  Neglecting tagging over a period of time allows the paint to bake into the structure making removal more difficult and, oftentimes, a lot more expensive.  Some situations leave only option; colour match the paint, prepare and prime the area, and paint over the graffiti.  In cases like this, Gorilla Property Services will keep that match on file in case it is needed again.  Most instances, however, are easily taken care of with a combination of our eco-friendly, non-corrosive cleaning compounds and some tricks of the trade.  Our fully trained and certified Gorillas will use everything in their arsenal to remove even leftover shadowing, leaving your property looking like new.

Whether in need of some tagging cleaned or in search of a more comprehensive Penticton Graffiti Removal Service, call Gorilla Property Services today on 1-844-GORILLA (467-4552).