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North Vancouver Graffiti Removal

North Vancouver Graffiti Removal has become an increasingly challenging task over the years. For the most part, the city has been attempting to handle it with no outside help. This has been practically impossible.  The reason being, it lacks the constant monitoring and swift removal offered by Gorilla Property Services. Through research and experience, we have developed a system for your North Vancouver graffiti removal.  This system prevents your North Vancouver property from getting hit repeatedly with graffiti.

A large portion of our North Vancouver Graffiti Removal calls come from the bottom of Lonsdale right up to the highway. Alleyways and the areas behind strip malls are a hot spot for Taggers.  These locales are often secluded and uninhabited, particularly after regular working hours. When you make use of our North Vancouver Graffiti Removal Service, we tailor what we offer dependent on your particular property. Our fully trained and certified Gorillas carry out regular patrols of the area. There are a few reasons for this.  The obvious one is that they act as a deterrent. Graffiti taggers move to easier targets when they know a property is being monitored. Another reason for close supervision is the time sensitivity involved in graffiti removal.

North Vancouver Graffiti Removal: Speed Is Key

Graffiti left on any surface for a long period of time usually requires more than one treatment, in order to remove it completely. Neglected tagging also gives the impression that the owner is not concerned about it. Knowing their ‘work’ will go untouched is an open invitation to ‘Graffiti artists’ and an off-putting sight for the general public.

If you require a North Vancouver Graffiti Removal program, your first step should be to call our office at 1-844-GORILLA (467-4552). The sooner we get out there and get your property cleaned up, the sooner ‘Taggers’ will know you mean business!

North Vancouver Graffiti Removal

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