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Maple Ridge Graffiti Removal

Over the past 2 years, Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge Graffiti Removal has become one of our busiest and trickiest routes. This is down to the coverage area being quite large. The majority of this area is made up of parks, hiking trails and bodies of water requiring regular and extensive monitoring.

Here at the Gorilla Property Services office, our phones ring just as often for residential call outs as they do for commercial. We find that 95% of those residential visits are for fences tagged with graffiti. Our Gorillas do their best to remove it but the last thing a homeowner wants is discoloured fence panels. The last thing we want is unsatisfied customers. In a situation like this, painting over the graffiti with a colour-matched stain or paint may be needed. We even keep the colour on file for future use! When dealing with residential Maple Ridge Graffiti Removal, the ‘need for speed’ is never more evident. Swift removal can ensure the graffiti is eliminated completely. Regular removal shows you mean business!

One of our most unique Maple Ridge Graffiti Removal requests was a phone call from a homeowner along the Alouette River. Floating and tubing is a big part of the summer fun in this particular area. The rock faces along the banks of the river had been tagged, making for a not-so-natural view. We dispatched two of our Gorilla Technicians, on tubes! With their eco-friendly graffiti removal gear in water tight sacks, they made their way down the river to the site in question. On arrival, our Gorillas tied off to an overhanging tree and did what they do best. Amazing and funny to watch at the same time! I had to share this story with you, as it truly shows how dedicated our technicians are to Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge Graffiti Removal requirements.

If you live in Maple Ridge or Pitt Meadows and you require Graffiti Removal, give us a call at 1-844-GORILLA (467-4552). We will be more than happy to help.


Maple Ridge Graffiti Removal