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Graffiti Removal New Westminster

Graffiti Removal New WestminsterOur Graffiti Removal New Westminster Service is no different than the other Lower Mainland locations we serve. In other words, it keeps our industrious Gorillas on the move! With its many parks and railway areas, a quick drive-by simply does not suffice. Graffiti Removal New Westminster needs to be examined in detail. Our Gorillas walk every path and trail throughout the parks and green spaces of New Westminster.  This is vital to ensure structures are kept graffiti free. If new tagging is discovered, our Gorillas are fully equipped at all times.  They make certain it is dealt with swiftly.

The Gorilla Property Services office also experiences a high call volume for the railway lines and industrial areas of New Westminster South. These areas are usually quiet and unoccupied, particularly outside of regular business hours. This creates an ideal environment for taggers unless you make it clear they will not be tolerated! Our Graffiti Removal New Westminster Service can help. We know patrolling these areas regularly and ensuring surfaces are kept clear of tagging is the key to success when it comes to any Graffiti Removal program.

The downtown core of New Westminster (6th and 6th) is no different. It has its fair share of both businesses and residential apartment buildings. The multitude of alley ways and covered open-plan parking lots can be an open invitation to graffiti taggers, when not properly monitored.

Call outs for our Graffiti Removal New Westminster service have remained consistent over time, with the odd spike here and there. At Gorilla Property Services we know patrolling neighborhoods and industrial areas, on a regular basis, is crucial in keeping New Westminster graffiti free. If you live in the New Westminster area and require any type of graffiti removal, give our office a call at 1-844-GORILLA (467-4552). We will dispatch a Graffiti Gorilla right away to assist!